Zostel – A new way to the mukteshwar height

Zostel – A new way to the Mukteshwar height

Every traveler urges to travel more and fill their bags with experiences. Life always plates you with choices, and you got to choose the best ones for you to enjoy. You got to choose the right paths and make companions who fit your journey. Only then traveling becomes fun and adventures.

Mukteshwar height
I, Himanshu and Sahil was so excited about this trip, we all are talking with people how amazing a trip can be?

I have got one such experience while traveling to Mukteshwar. It’s always good when everything goes according to your plans; sometimes the best things come without any ideas. I planned to travel, and the best memories came back home along with me.

The destiny was Mukteshwar, and the journey was between traffic to nature. I, Himanshu, and Sahil was part of this beautiful journey. We started from Jaipur and rolled up towards Kathgodam and then to Mukteshwar. We had booked zostel to live in, and we’re excited to check and experience the living there.

The feeling was amazing when we got to Mukteshwar, away from the busy life. It seemed beautiful among nature. Everything was simple yet adventurous. The urge in the heart to discover new experience was intense and zostel helped us provide that experience.

Zostel Mukteshwar
While the cab was rolling with the flow, we were waiting for the zostel spot and it comes with many surprises for us.

All I can say is zostel is a massive bag of experiences and fun. It is designed and structured differently from hotel and resort life. There were several wow points which to add –

1.      Games

2.      Peace

3.      New friend zone

4.      Tasty food

5.      Activities like stargazing, trekking, dancing and many more


They were not just games we played. It was a whole new experience with new people. The feeling was new.

Yes, It was again a childhood feel. When you don’t care about problems in your life and RANI ( QUEEN) is your target, haha!

I was driven back to college days, where every moment was fun. We get to make new friends as we did in schools and colleges.

I went with two of my friends, but life is abundant always and gives you unpredictable gifts at every moment.


Away from the busy life, I enjoyed the peaceful environment. Travelling brings experience, it also brings peace of mind which you will not find elsewhere.

Where is the peace, here is the peace?

It is good to be among nature and feel the vibes. All those activities we did like trekking, star gazing, and rock climbing was just excellent. It satisfies your hunger and calms your soul.

New friend zone

Enjoying your own company is great, but it is more significant when you Notice a companion.

First of all,
I really love you guys,
The focus of the camera is on the handle, obvious – Kshitiz,
Behind – Zakir, Manasvini, Saif and I think you know their name now 😀

The fun and happiness doubles with people around you. Traveling to this place has made my life beautiful by meeting new people and making them friends. I have made a few new friends on this journey. And this is the best part to travel. You never know when you get the baggage of surprises and new friends for a lifetime.

Tasty food

All these days of my traveling, I have got to taste new food every day. People from different states have a separate list of food. And staying here we used to try fresh food with new people. We cook together and have together, which was the best part, and this felt like a family, a home.

Kya pakk rha hai? Aunty ki kitchen Kamaal thi, yes! She made us feel home, Yummy!

Extra fun, when all are one!

Traveling and staying together was not the only thing. The best part was to go with new friends, make plans with them, and club the ideas of many people, and make my journey more adventurous. We did several nature-related activities. Trekking, star gazing, rock climbing, and visiting new places was fun.

From 12:30 AM to 3:00 AM at 16 degrees, we were waiting for the milky way and a new way to mold our life with the peace and glittering stars.

All in all, I filled my baggage with beautiful people and beautiful memories. The time spent with nature away from busy life was so different and awesome.

Why I was so happy in this picture? and Sahil is like ‘sab le rhe hai, tu bhi lele. photo!

And thanks to zostel for helping us enjoy our journey and getting through this phase of life.

You feel home even when you are away from home.

See my smile, wanna see more! Google krlo 😀

   I have got new experience in this travel to Mukteshwar, made new friends, found peace with nature, and spent quality time staying at zostel.



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2 thoughts on “Zostel – A new way to the mukteshwar height”

  1. Apoorva Bhardwaj

    That’s amazing. For sure gonna plan my next trip very soon and experience the stay with Zostel!
    Your words provide a glimpse of the trip and the connection you share with your friends.

  2. This really was a super amazing trip! And the way you have described it, makes me feel live again in mukteshwar! Meeting all you guys was soo much fun.

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