These 5 things can save everyone from coronavirus

Coronavirus is an ongoing disease whose outbreak is identified in China. It seems to spread between people, getting in contact with infected people, touching contaminated surfaces and touching your body. Common symptoms like cold, cough and fever are shown, the situation may also worsen and lead to shortness of breath and lead to death. 

Due to the rapid movement of this virus, the government has taken several steps to prevent which includes restricting traveling, postponing and canceling events, avoid going to public places and gatherings, avoid crowded places and be away from infected people. 

           Along with all these prevention steps there are 5 things which can help us keep safe from coronavirus 

  1. Gloves
  2. Alcohol-free sanitizer 
  3. Life pollution mask for men and women 
  4. Air purifier 
  5. Earbuds 

1. Gloves

  • Wearing gloves is recommended as a preventive measure against coronavirus. People who are out of homes and feel suspected can wear gloves. Most people are wearing them at their regular workplaces and caring for themselves and others. 
Gloves are the safest way to cook and work at home or in the office.

  • Even after wearing gloves avoid touching your face more often because there may be chances of touching infected surfaces. But wearing gloves can avoid spreading this virus to some extent. So do all you can to stop spreading this virus.

2. Alcohol free-sanitizer

  • Sanitizers are used where water is not available to wash your hands. Not all types of sanitizers kill the virus, keep in check while buying and go for an alcohol-free sanitizer. It helps kill the virus faster.
  • Along with it, it is important to use it where necessary. Rub your hands with it at least for 29 seconds. Prefer sanitizer only when you don’t have water and soap. Use handkerchiefs to cover your nose and mouth while coughing, sneezing so that you don’t get infected or spread to other people.
Sanitize your hands, and kill the virus.

  • It is always better to use precaution than cure. So use gloves and sanitizer often and avoid touching to be safe and keep people safe.

3. Life pollution mask for men and women 

  •  Apart from other measures taken people around are seen wearing masks at public places. Wearing a mask can prevent the virus to get in contact with your nose or mouth. You can avoid touching your nose and mouth frequently which reduces the chances of spreading the infection.
Face Mask comes after multiple benefits, so it’s good to have it.

  • It is life-saving to wear masks when you come in contact with an infected person. Along with wearing gloves and masks keep a distance from people to be safer.

4. Air purifier 

  • Looking out on all the above things as prevention, air purifier adds on to the list too. Let’s know how it works to prevent coronavirus. 
  •  Air purifiers used indoor help in the prevention of spreading this disease. It technically captures some of the airborne viruses and kill them to some extent and cannot multiply. 
The air purifier helps you to take fresh and clean air.

  •  It is better to keep your surroundings fresh and breathe fresh which can prevent spreading the virus.

5. Earbuds

  • coronavirus has increased hygiene among people. People are conscious before touching anything, and one among those things is phones too. Often getting in contact with mobile phones may also cause infection. 
  • Instead of touching your phones often use earbuds instead to minimize the spreading of the virus.
  • earbuds and keep them clean while using and not using.
You should grab one, useful in many ways.

  • I this way, even your ears are safe from getting infected and can be used as a precaution.
  • its all the precautions one has to still be careful and be safe from getting infected. Avoid touching face and mouth often, cover your mouth while sneezing and coughing, stay home while you are infected, wash your hands often with soap, use sanitizers while soap and water are not available. 
  •  Make all your efforts to keep yourself safe and also the people around you. 

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