Stay Cool this is not the Worst!

Stay Cool this is not the Worst!

Here is the fact about stay cool, we all face some problems in our life and we all think that our problems are bigger and more serious than others. Sometimes, it feels like we are facing obstacles at each and every stage of life, but honestly, that’s what life is all about! If you’re not facing ups and downs in your life then you’re actually not living your life to the fullest.

stay cool
stay cool

Take the example of an ECG machine, when it shows the ups and downs on the display, it means that the person is the alive but straight line on the display means the person is dead, so now you know what I am trying to explain.

Stay cool ecg example
Stay cool ECG example

Honestly, if you’re able to bitch about your OLA or Uber cab being five minutes late, or your mobile service being slow today then you’re extremely lucky! It means you’re not worrying about starving today or becoming someone else’s dinner tonight.

stay cool | Here is why you feel your problems are bigger or any special

The reason people think this is simple: they are self-centered and believe the world revolves around them. Well, guess what? It doesn’t. Everyone has the same problems. Below, I’ve brainstormed a list of some of the “biggest” problems most people have today.

stay cool problems
stay cool problems

In no particular order:

  • You’re self-conscious about your weight.
  • You hate exercise.
  • You are limited by a physical or mental disability.
  • You feel like crap today.
  • You feel like crap every day.
  • You have no money.
  • You are massively in debt.
  • Bills are past due.
  • You thought you just paid the cable bill. Why is it due AGAIN?
  • You are worried about rent or mortgage this month.
  • Your commute is miserable.
  • You got into a fight with a family member or loved one and now you have not spoken in years.
  • Your boyfriend or girlfriend cheated on you.
  • You get into arguments all the time.
  • You are lonely.
Stay cool problems
Stay cool problems

I could go on and on, but I’d bet the money I don’t have that at least two or three of those problems exist in your life right now. They’re problems, that’s for certain, but they damn sure aren’t special.

In fact, the root of most problems can be boiled down into one of three areas of life:

  1. Health
  2. Money
  3. Relationships

If you think of a problem that doesn’t stem back to one of those three areas, I’d like to know. Maybe there’s something I don’t worry about that I should!

stay cool |How to Approach Solving Your Not-So-Special Problems

I’m not trying to take away from the severity of anyone’s problems. Well, maybe a little, but I’m honestly just trying to put things into perspective.

I understand that some of the problems above can be very serious. Fortunately, lots of others have those same problems and most can be solved.

Realizing you have the same problems as everyone else is a good thing. It means someone has dealt with them before and knows the solution.

No matter what problems you have, there is one rule that matters most:

You have to face them. Don’t run from them. Don’t hide from them. Don’t tuck them away or bury them. The sooner you address your problems, the sooner they will dissolve. Otherwise, they will stay as long as you let them, festering at or beneath the surface, creating nothing but turmoil and pain.

Think about it, any major problem you’ve had in your life at some point only got better once it was addressed. Real problems usually don’t “work themselves out”. Someone has to do the work.

Without problems, no one would know what to do with themselves, so let’s look at some different problems and the best ways to face them:

  1. “Simple” Problems

Stay Cool Problem
Stay Cool Problem

Lots of problems fall under the “simple” category. These are problems that take very little thinking to solve, and their resolution is often quite obvious.

For example, it’s lunchtime at work. You’re hungry, but you didn’t bring anything to eat. What do you do?

…obviously you go out and buy some lunch.

These problems are the best problems because they’re extremely easy to solve, and they’re quick wins. They make us feel good about solving them.

If only all problems were this simple.

  1. “Complex” Problems

Stay Cool Problem
Stay Cool Problem

“Complex” problems are defined, by no one other than myself, as those needing some higher level of troubleshooting to solve.

These are problems many of us face at work and at home on a daily basis:

  • How to build a marketing plan that reaches 1,000 new customers?
  • How to design a mechanical part that doesn’t fail under tension?
  • You hate your job.
  • Your commute sucks.
  • You want to exercise but your day is too busy.
  • You’re in debt.

When you step back and look at these problems, many of them are just multi-layered simple problems. You start at the first step, solve it, and move onto the next, up until the problem is solved.

Complex problems seem scary from the outside looking in, but once you start tackling them, the fear quickly diminishes.

stay cool |How to solve all your problem and have peaceful sleep at night?

This is the best solution I know to stop worrying about all the problems, crying over it unnecessarily and focus on finding a solution for them.

Stay Cool
Stay Cool

Ask yourself these few questions, before coming to conclusion:-

Whatever is happening in your life, is it really a big issue? No?

Then why worry?

Whatever is happening in your life, is it really a big issue? Yes? Can you do something about it? No?

Then why worry?

Whatever is happening in your life, is it really a big issue? Yes? Can you do something about it? Yes?

Then why worry? Just do what you can do about it!

At this moment of time, is everything in your control? NO?

Then why worry? When you can’t do anything about the situation then just letting go is the best solution.

At this moment of time, is everything in your control? Yes?

Then why worry? If you have everything under control then take possible steps and solve your problems. As simple as that!

My point is worrying and over-thinking is never an option, it’s a choice that we make every time and that’s our biggest mistake.

Stay Cool
Stay Cool

stay cool | Conclusion

Stay Cool
Stay Cool

Problems will come, difficulties will come! you just need to focus on the positive side of your life, you just need to believe that this is not the worst and you have to stay cool. There are so many people in the world for whom every day is a to fight with different obstacles to survive in this world and in comparison to them, our problems are nothing big! Over-thinking never solves a problem. It actually creates more problems which did not exist in the first place.









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