Quit these habits in 2019, live life more peaceful

If you’re not laughing enough on the person you were last year, then you have not learned anything from your past. If your life is similar to what it was a year ago, then you might have not made any progress in the last year. To keep yourself going, it is imperative to keep learning from everything that comes your way. Whether it is a good experience or a bad one, everything has something to teach you and it’s your responsibility to learn thoroughly. That’s why we say living is all about learning!

If you have decided to make the most of this new year 2019, then there are certain things that you need to look at and habits that you should quit right away. There are times when we start feeling frustrated, anxious and depressed, some of our bad habits lead to such a feeling of depression. Therefore, we have a list of some common habits of unsuccessful people that you need to look at, and if you’re doing these things, quit them now!

 habbits in 2019
habits in 2019
  1. Ask yourself – What’s the purpose of your life?

Once you ask yourself this question and if your answer is “I don’t know or I don’t have an idea” then either you are not taking your life a bit more seriously or you are on the path of being called an unsuccessful individual. This is the most common habit of an unsuccessful man, they don’t set any goals for life or for their career. Stop being inspired by stupid movies telling you that it’s ok to have no goals in life.

To a limited extent, it is fine if your life is completely sorted or planned but not every time! Always remember that the movies which inspire you to not have the plan, have successful people like actors who once had the plan to become an actor and now entertaining millions of people through the big screen.

At some point or the other, all of us have to have a plan and a purpose in life to become successful. Therefore, if you don’t have a plan, make one this year and work on it!

  1. Stop the blame game.

Sometimes the situations and sometimes the people around them, unsuccessful people never miss a chance to blame others for their failures. They just don’t want to look at their imperfections, mistakes and bad habits. Someone who blames other has to understand that no one wins at the end of the blame game. Leading to the depressed and cheerless atmosphere all around the person.

All you need to understand that in the end, you and only you are accountable for everything that happens in your life. If you like blaming so much, then do one thing, take responsibility of your life and from now on, blame yourself for all the mess happening in your life because as I said, you and only you are responsible for the things happening in your life.

Start thinking beyond right and wrong! Keep in mind, the perspective of the other person, put yourself in others place and maybe then you will stop being judgemental and also stop blaming others.

  1. Stop trying to impress everyone!

You have to face the fact, you cannot impress everyone you meet, therefore if you really want peace and happiness in your life then stop trying to impress everyone. You will meet some people in life you might impress, but you won’t be able to impress everyone.

Imagine you get a hundred comments on your personality, out of those hundred comments, ninety-nine is positive comments and only one is negative or censoring. It is human nature that your mind will focus more on that one negative comment and not on those ninety-nine positive comments.

All you need to learn is to focus on the positive comments and figure out why you received that one negative comment. Again, don’t overthink on that one negative comment, but just introspect that what’s that thing that the one person didn’t like about you and fired a negative comment on to you.

Don’t be someone who is loved by all, rather be someone who is missed! 

  1. Never own the things you can’t afford.

At some stage of life, we all have dreamt about the fancy expensive stuff that we can’t buy as of now, all of us have been there looking at the list of crazy things we want in our life. The need for this year is to understand the difference between the things we want and the things we actually need! Buying all that stuff which you can’t afford is a habit that you should get rid of, as soon as possible! Living life on debt can affect your credit score which will result in more trouble for you.

An easy way to get rid of this bad habit is to make a budget for every month where you will record your expenses and income for the month. While estimating the budget, be honest with yourself! That’s how you will be able to understand what expenses are obvious and what are things that you can skip to buy as of now. Basically, preparing a budget will help you get to know the things which come under the categories of need and want respectively.

Once you prepare a budget, you will know how much open income you have for the month after deducting all the expenses. Always, spend an amount less than what’s left with you after than necessary expenses and then eventually you will get rid of the habit of purchasing the things you can’t afford.

  1. Are you overusing your credit card and not saving anything?

Using credit cards for all the transaction seem like a great method to purchase the things you can’t buy with the cash in your bank account. This is where we get everything wrong! Overusing your credit card will ultimately kill your saving habit. Credit card seems a good option because well you don’t have to pay the amount on the spot, but don’t forget you have to pay the bill before the due date anyway.

Carrying a poor credit score is not a good thing obviously, once you start over using your credit cards, you will end up with a lot of outstanding bills and this will ultimately harm your credit score. There are numerous consequences that would come along with bad credit score.

Once you have a bad credit score, the banks and all the lenders will charge the higher rate of interest because after having a low credit score, you are a risky borrower and so the lender will make you pay for the risk they are taking to lend you money. Not all this, you will have to face a lot of difficulties in finding a job for yourself as nowadays companies look at your credit report and not at your credit score, they look for the items in your report that can affect your job performance badly.


 habbits in 2019
habits in 2019

Whether it is a habit of overusing credit cards or not having saving habits, whether it is a habit of trying to impress everyone or a habit of purchasing things you can’t afford. These habits can be massively destructive for you, therefore if you have any such habits, try to chuck out them all today!

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