Ola and Uber – left auto rickshaw drivers helpless

Every morning is getting tired. It is so little real all around. It feels suffocated to live among the gadgets, technology and what not. Human resource is losing its value.

Each and everything is replaced from traditional to modern. Lifestyle is changing leaving a bad impact on few sectors and livelihoods of people. Humans are replaced by machines.

Among these inventions and great innovations of technology ola and Uber is one. The existence of these has to lead the auto drivers to helpless.

auto rickshaw drivers
I saw them discussing for no rides for today,
They said bye to their family and settled tiffin behind the back seat.

Now the question is why is this happening. Why are auto drivers facing a problem because of Ola and Uber?

1. Fares

auto rickshaw drivers
But life is still unsettled as per their worries to fulfill the families expectation.
Because ola and uber has majority captured their market.
I decided to forget the ola, Uber application on my phone, left out comfort for some time.

Fares have been the main problem between auto and cabs. People who travel regularly have found the difference among the fares charged by cabs and auto.

Auto drivers have fixed fares for certain distance to live their life. As most of them come from backward class and face a lot of financial problems. They have only this way to earn bread and butter.

They strive hard to ride commuters in their city. The fares are high because they have only this means to survive. And someone else comes to take away that.

They toil from early morning to late night to get a handful of commuters so that they could lead their lives as most of them are economically backward.

And in such case, the Ola and Uber have introduced and added upon to their problems. Which have to lead them nowhere to go?

Neither they can increase their fares nor they can decrease. Their conditions are worsening.

  • Ola and Uber get some subsidies, while auto doesn’t have any such thing. They have to fix a meter of Rs.25 initially and then charge extra for the remaining distance.

2.  Comfort

auto rickshaw drivers
I offered them for a ride to Gurukripa restaurant from maharani road.
He said how much you will pay?
at that time it was confirmed that these guys are facing financial problems. I checked Uber fare i.e. 98 INR

With the introduction to Ola and Uber, they have attracted a lot of people with their facilities.

People feel free to travel in the comfort of air conditioning in such a reasonable price and they feel secure. As the bookings are made through certain apps there are even some offers which help them reduce, the cost and to earn discount and coupons.

Between all this, the local auto drivers are unable to deal with such losses.

  • If you have noticed – usually there is a queue of auto standing and you ask for the fare to travel, they tell you their fixed rate but you even get a chance to negotiate and make it your terms
  • While in cabs you do not even bother to do so. The common people are also the reason for their downfall.


3. Point of view from auto drivers

auto ricshaw drivers
And I offered him to check his reaction. I.e. 70 INR
He said yes, chlo bhaiya
We started the ride, and he advised me a better place to eat at a reasonable price. I.e. karnawat restaurant.
Are you noticing one thing? Autowalas knows everything about the city.
Where you should go to?
Where you should eat?

Even after all this happening the auto drivers doesn’t wish to give up on their occupation. And they gave many reasons when surveyed.


4. Some reasons stood like this

  • They have bought the vehicle on an installment basis and still had to repay it.
  • Many said they don’t own a smartphone or do not know to operate it.

“Auto and taxi drivers are paying more for permits, uniforms, badges and having to deal with the police,” said Zainab Kakal. “But their voices are not being adequately heard in this debate.”

  How to resolve this problem?

auto rickshaw drivers
My purpose behind writing this blog to bring some energy in you to use auto service, so that their family can survive.
Btw I paid him 100 INR 🙂 Ola and uber-left auto drivers helpless

Now that they are facing problems regarding fares and facilities provided by the upcoming transport system. They have to try a little to upgrade themselves to withhold their survival.

Since the passengers are using less government transport and opting for these cabs. They may be having a tendency to travel in comfort and safety.

  • Look at what the customer needs and make sure they are happy with your services.
  • The fares have to take care of by the government and necessary measures need to be taken.
  • Even if it is a traditional auto, some sort of comfort should be provided for the commuters.


     There are few situations where the auto drivers have conveyed about their problems.


Uber and Ola are not regulated to the transport department like auto rickshaw is. All black and yellow auto in Mumbai are CNG-run by law but Uber and Ola have allowed licenses for diesel cabs. Why this bias?” asked one of them.

  • “Before a few months back my earnings used to be ₹ 1700-1800 per day. Now I am unable to make even thousand per day. It is troublesome to run family after deducting expenses for CNG”. Said one of the auto drivers.


auto rickshaw driver
auto rickshaw driver

The lawmakers have to take a decision and provide more options to the commuters and give a solution to all the entrants in the market.

This kind of competition is not healthy. And the problem is not only in India but also in other parts of the world. In the past 20-30 of the transport business, this level of competition and taking over has not been seen. The working is quite different from what it used to be before.



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