No Backup Plans when you Have Full Proof Plan

No Backup Plans when you Have Full Proof Plan – How many hours of our life do we spend jotting down the Plan A, B, C and in case of emergency, Plan D is ready as well! As the great inventor and author of Poor Richard’s Almanack has once said—

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
Benjamin Franklin


No Backup Plans
Planning Importance


Thus, it is good to first draw a plan, instead of doing things unprepared and perplexed.

If you do think about your future in a dexterous way, planning things out, penning down or at least visioning and sticking to the plan that you demarcated inside your head, then kudos dear! You are going right. But if you are planning and then a making list of (at times enacting none of it properly),

then you are just on the treadmill, running after plans after plans, reaching nowhere. In the process, instead of making yourself healthy and happy, you make yourself depressed and disheartened. Think about it; spending all the precious hours and sweat on making so many plans, which lead you to nowhere.

What you need to do is, discover that one plan that even if might seem impossible to others, creates sense and is legit. Then, all you need to do is, stick to it.

“Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans.” 
Peter F. Drucker

No Backup Plans
commitment to excellence

Hey, then should I stop making plans and aren’t all those great businesses having a backup?

Well, yes, every great business-person will tell you to always have a back-up, or Plan B or C. But what they don’t acumen you about is that they give there all to workout Plan A first! That’s where you lose and they win.

Firstly, let us know what does “Back-up” mean at all?

When I contacted Google Baba for the answer, it said this—

“Hey, Ankit! There are various meanings for definitions of backup, according to their usage in various areas. But here are the most relevant one for you—

  1. Help or support.
  2. In case you are into computing, it is a copy of a file or other item of data made in case the original is lost or damaged.

I found the second definition way better to my intended explanation than the basic meaning of the term. Backup enters in your life only “in case the original is lost or damaged.”

Thus it is always inferior to the first or original one.

Your work is to invest your time and energy into making that one perfect plan which no matter what may come, is the best way to reach your objective. It’s not about wasting yourself in scribbling down strategy after strategy. Actually, you need only one full-proof strategy or plan and not thousands of them. In other words, you need to run single-mindedly on just one road, no matter how many hardships may come in that path. That ideal path is what you need to find out or spend your energy on discovering. After that, you are all set to just keep walking on it, until success embraces you.

As the celebrated president of United States once said,

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” 
Abraham Lincoln

No Backup Plans
Abraham Lincoln thoughts

Work at your own pace till you find your ideal route. Keep thinking and observing about the circumstances you are in. Check-in various timelines and then pick-up that one perfect timeline, which if not hundred percent but gives you the maximum likelihood to reach your destination. Once you have discovered and known all about it, strike!

Then what’s the use of backup? Do I really need it? When should I go for a backup?

Backup is your rescuer in case of emergency, that is, it is the second-best option in your list of possible timelines or roads. According to my experience, if you have a full-proof plan for yourself, you’ll never need to even face a backup at all, no matter if it’s for short-term goals or long-term. Going for a backup en route long-term goal sounds right though but what if you succeed in the art of finding the routes or plans?

Coming to the question, about when you should go about using a backup plan, just consider this—

If you are walking on that one perfect road towards your aimed destination and after ten minutes on it, suddenly you find a blockage then what will you do? Will you stop coming back to that road ever again? What people miss-out is that’s the very first hurdle you face in your path towards your destination and if that’s where you give up and think of using backup plan—then boy! You are doing it wrong!

What more can you elucidate on this, to make me validate your opinions?

In life, we don’t have just a single plan. We certainly create many, often unknowingly as it’s the natural behavior of a being. Almost all the renowned people in the world have talked and commented on ‘Planning’.

“Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.”
Winston Churchill

what is success for you
what is Success for you

Planning is not really significant, as no one knows the future. Maybe in the very next second, the roof above you fall down and you’ll die or in next one hour, you might receive a call that you are given a deal of one million. Who knows? But then, those are just possibilities and have minimal chances to happen.

Thus, before jumping into any of your tasks or even on the onset of the day, you must draft out a rough routine (considering planning in daily life). This helps in saving a lot of your time and energy, as you are prepared for “what’s and how’s” of it. Also, you need to spend some extent of time (maybe even months or years) on planning the significant or long-term goals of your life. But once you have a full-proof plan, nothing can stop you!

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