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How to increase the immune system to fight against corona?

With the increase in the spread of coronavirus, many precautions and measures have been taken to keep yourself safe from getting infected. Staying home, social distancing, washing your hands and sanitizing is all-important but along with this, it is important to keep up your immunity.

This is the time you have to boost your immune system and fight off the virus. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to keep up and increase your immune system while the spread of coronavirus and keep yourself safe and healthy.

Here are a few ways to increase your immune system to fight back coronavirus

  1. Stressless
  2. Sleep well
  3. Exercise enough
  4. Drink moderate
  5. Keep up your diet

1. Stressless

Everyone is living with stress and nobody notices the effect. While you are in stress a lot of stress hormone ones are released and it affects directly to your immune system. So it is important to reduce your stress.

This can be done only by keeping balance and staying calm. So take breaks and avoid stress to rebuild your immune system.

2. Sleep well

Get enough sleep to keep up your immune system. Sleeping helps you reduce stress and doesn’t let you affect your immune system.

So we should sleep enough to build our immune system.

3. Exercise enough

Exercising can be very helpful to boost immunity. So the right amount is required for the body to keep stress away, be fit and healthy and increase your immunity.

So exercise as much required to your body and don’t stress yourself.

4. Drink moderate

People go for drinking while they are in stress. So let’s say drink moderate and ono should draw a limit to fighting in such a tough time.

Drinking can affect your immune system so keep away yourself from drinking as much as you can

5. Keep up your diet

It is necessary at such a time to eat healthily and watch your diet. You have to take in some nutrients to increase your immunity.

These are a few diet tips to increase your immunity.

A. Intake of citrus fruits ( खट्टे फल )

Citrus fruits contain Vitamin C which helps to increase white blood cells and it fights against infection.

खट्टे फल

So it is better to intake citrus fruits while you are infected with cold or flu. The most common citrus fruits include oranges, lemon, grapes.

So intake of citrus fruits will increase your immune system and keep you safe from viruses.

B. Garlic ( लहसुन )

Garlic is used in almost all the dishes and it is best for your health to fight infections. It has a high amount of capacity to boost your immunity.


So include garlic in your diet and increase your immunity to fight against coronavirus.

C. Red bell peppers ( लाल शिमला मिर्च )

Other than citrus fruits red bell peppers are rich in Vitamin C. They have double than the citrus fruits.

लाल शिमला मिर्च

So you can intake these as well to boost your immunity

D. Ginger ( अदरक )

Ginger is most commonly used while you have a cold or when you are sick. If you have a sore throat you can intake ginger to clear it.


It is the best medicine from home. This is the best way to boost your immunity.

E. Turmeric ( हल्दी )

Turmeric is used to cure many things and it is the best anti-inflammatory to cure many diseases.


So this can be the best one to boost your immunity and fight against the virus.

F. Kiwi ( कीवी )

Kiwi contains full of nutrients,  potassium, vitamin K and vitamin c.


All these help to boost your immunity and fight against infection.

G. Sunflower seeds ( सूरजमुखी के बीज )

Sunflower seeds contain lots of nutrients, phosphorous, magnesium and vitamin B-6. It is the best antioxidant and a high amount of vitamin e is present in this which helps to maintain the functioning of the immune system. 

सूरजमुखी के बीज

Avocados and dark leafy greens also contain vitamin e. So intake of all these food may boost your immune system.

H. Chickpeas ( चने )

Chickpeas contain proteins and zinc which helps to control the immune system. You can roast them and make it a quick snack.


So enjoy your self and also maintain your health by intake of this

I. Yogurt (दही)

Yogurt contains probiotics which are good bacteria and help to boost the immune system. It also helps to fight common cold and infections. Choose the plain yogurt than flavored one.


Well, the list will go on, but apart from them you can also intake mushrooms, broccoli, spinach, strawberries, green tea, almonds, nuts, papaya

Eat healthily and stay safe. Try to boost your immune system in the best ways and keep the virus at bay.

Apart from being hygienic, this is also important to stay safe from the virus. At times like this, you have the best diet to be healthy and to have a strong immune system.


Ankit S. Maharishi

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