how to balance between friendship and family time?

How to balance between friendship and family time?

How to balance between friendship and family time?

Well everybody is busy with their lives. Revolving around work, friends, family, parties, social network, college life, and whatnot. Especially youngsters have completely lost their touch wood with their parents and family.

Life is joyous when there is a balance among the relationships you carry. Somewhere we all fail to realize that we have certain responsibilities towards family as well. Enjoying with friends is important and fun but the family is also important as well. There must be a balance between your relationships.

how to balance between friendship and family time?
I know it’s tough nowadays, we are losing the decision making power and going deep into the fun. but what your family wants from you? You need to figure out Asap.

Well, this is a scenario everywhere nowadays. People have lost the balance between friends, family, work, etc. Most of them are experiencing this problem. And maybe this is causing greater issues without your realization. Many relationships come to an end due to a lack of time towards them. And few are not even able to express their feelings to the family due to lack of understanding and create problems like depression, stress, etc.

But it’s never too late to regain the balance between friends and family. One has to always have equal weight on both the hands.

Let’s see how can we balance our time both with friends and family.

  1. Awareness
  2. Setting priorities
  3. Schedule to, please
  4. Letting go
  5. Make family time
  1. Awareness

Sometimes you run around people without, knowing what you are up to. You just want to run behind them. You are so caught up with friends that you forget that there is a world beyond. You don’t realize the importance of balance.

how to balance between friendship and family time?
You are not even aware of your parent’s difficulties? they always need your morale support every time.

It is necessary that you should be aware of your relations and responsibilities towards friends and family.

  1. Setting priorities

Everything isn’t important and necessary in life. Youngsters nowadays forget that they need to devote some time to family as well. They are more obsessed with friends and peers.

how to balance between friends and family time?
how to balance friends and family time?

You need to know your responsibilities and set priorities accordingly. Keep the personal touch with friends instead of just blabbering over the phone, make plans with them.

At the same time spend some time with parents, siblings and whoever includes in your family. Keep everything aside for a while and spend some quality time with them.

  1. Schedule to, please

You might have realized that to stay happy you need to stay around happy people. And people are happy when you make some efforts towards them when you please them when you surprise them.

Make proper planning according to your work so that you can give time to friends and family as well. Schedule your day and distribute time to everyone equally. Because giving time to your loved ones create a joyous atmosphere.

how to balance between friends and family time?
how to balance friends and family time?

Make plans with friends, at the same time don’t forget to cheer up your family as well. Keep both of them happy around you.

Sometimes you can even make plans with both family and friends together so that they can know each other and build a stronger relationship.

  1. Letting go

Not always you can have successful plans. Not always does it happen as you think. Sometimes you should know how to let go of situations without harming anyone. Example: when you stuck between both family and friends you should know how to choose and handle the situation.

how to balance friends and family time?
how to balance friends and family time?

You should learn to tell ‘no’ in certain situations. Always being stubborn over friends or family doesn’t help you. Let go of certain plans when necessary.

Mainly you have to let go of your social life when you are in personal contact with friends or family. Let go of your phones or any electronic devices and have quality time. Give your all mind and heart to the person.

  1. Make family time

In the present generation when we see we spend a lot of time out of home, more with friends than family. It is obvious to have dull real relationships with parents. You need to make time for family. However old you grow you always have to sit with your parents, talk, go out, enjoy with them as you did when you were a child.

And family time is only family time. You find have to keep charting with your friends on your cell phone or be included in your own world. Keep everything away when you plan to spend time either with friends or family.

It is difficult to manage our time these days. But one should have a balance between friends and family time. It may be hard and difficult but it is not impossible.

Make your efforts to give time to friends and family. Not just giving time but quality time is important. Be mindful where ever phone with friends and family. Many misunderstandings can be solved, many relationships can be saved you just need to balance.

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