How the Indian Media has Turned into Godi Media? | wah modi ji wah

The world of journalism and media which was once ruled by the news channels have sincerely been conquered by the online news portals and social media websites and now named as Godi Media and wah modi ji wah. Earlier, the civilians were entirely dependent on daily newspapers or magazines and the prime time shows airing on leading news channels that used to keep us updated with the recent happenings inside the country and around the world. But, today the country had gradually being taken over by the smartphones in our hand like the people of any other developing or developed country.

Godi media fake news

This is one reason responsible for disgrace and degradation towards the importance of news channels in India. Another more significant and credible reason for the considerable lower value of the Indian media and news channel is that more than being an unbiased and real the media has turned out to become the Godi media. Moreover, the amount of truthful content that is brought to the viewers is another vital aspect responsible for the deduction of reputation in the eyes of the citizens of the country.

The Godi Media | wah modi ji wah

The Indian media has a good number of both Hindi and English news channels meant to spread their words, though, unfortunately, there are a few of them that really dare to put forward the reality behind everything. In fact, more often than general, these news channels and their reporters seem to lack the courage of raising a voice about the negatives of the most significant and serious issues makers of our country, i.e. Both the politics and the politicians.

Godi media criminal governance

If we suppose to have an average of 10 news channels, 9 out of those are seen supporting the ruling party irrespective of their truthfulness and generosity towards the civilians. Zee News is one of the leading news channels of the country, has never criticised the BJP government and is the undoubted leader of the Godi Media followed by others like ABP News, Aaj Tak and many of them. On the other hand, India Tv is the only notable news channel that doesn’t support or to say, is not suppressed by the government of the ruling prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi.

The fact that Indian media today has gradually turned into the Godi Media brings to throw light on some of the recent events that led the real reporters of these news channels to resign from their job only because they were brave enough to showcase the reality of the so-called ‘yojnaye’ being catered by the Modi government all over the country presently. This is what has kept on going ever since Mr. Modi came into the picture.

Journalism is almost dead.

If any reporter or anchor of any news channel is found to be courageous enough to reveal the veracity of any incident related to any corresponding political leader or issues related to them or if any investigation is carried out to know the authenticity of the evidence and gospel truths behind them, the bravery of the person is usually rewarded with a termination letter.

The Ground Zero

The condition of the Indian media under the rule of Mr. Narendra Modi is very distinct from that under the reign of Mr. Manmohan Singh or Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee on their points of time. Certain recent incidents throw some good light on the situation of the Indian media and its correspondences as being indirectly governed and controlled by the government to highlight an emphasis on the positive sides of the ruling BJP government.
Every single telecast that aired on any news channel is done strictly under the surveillance of the existing government. The control is maintained from the Ground Zero situated on the tenth floor of the Soochna Bhawan in Delhi. All the news channels, there reports and every minute detail that is presented before the audience is monitored by a team of 200 people hired for the purpose by the government.

Fake Picture of Current Government

All the employees work as per the orders of the government, which includes confiscation of their mobile phones at the entrance itself to prevent any kind of leakage of the data and information relevant to the primetime shows being aired on the leading news channels.

The instructions for the subjugation of the mobile phones and other electronic devices were given when the details regarding the monitoring of the primetime show of APB news, Masterstroke hosted by Punya Prasun Bajpai were transferred to the editor of the programme’s editor. This name brings us to an incident which exposed the reality of the Indian media in front of the country and indeed gave us the proofs for it being the Godi media.

The beginning of the unfolding truths

It all began with a live session between the prime minister and some local farmers of Chattisgarh, where Mr. Modi went ahead to ask the farmers about the monthly income being generated from the fruit they sell post the rule of the BJP government. The conversation between the female farmer and the prime minister has presented in such a manner that the woman was all happy and satisfied with the results of her hard work and had all in appreciation about the ruling party.

The primetime

the program aired on one of the leading news channels was aimed to give a positive outlook to the all ‘yojanas’ being announced in the so-called favor of the poor farmers to enhance their income. This incident and a supposed live chat were later investigated by some daring reporters and camera persons of ABP news which revealed the actual and real story behind the statements of that farmer woman given in the favor of Mr. Modi.

The lady, later, in the investigation revealed that she was guided or rathered ordered by some government officials to state all that she spoke during the live interview. She clarified that the amount of 1200 INR which is generated now after the *Pradhan Mantri yojana* is not the income of an individual but is rather divided among all the 12 ladies of a group and the income falling in the part of a single member is much lesser than what they used to earn earlier.
This hypocrisy of the BJP government and the prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi was exposed by Mr. Punya Prasun Bajpai in his prime-time show Masterstroke.

Godi media Barking for Government, in favor!

Unlike a lot of other reporters and anchors, the one who showed the courage to uncover this reality was rewarded with tremendous pressure from both the government and the officials of the news channels to apologize for this report.
He was told not to mention the name of the prime minister in anything during the airing of his show, to which he said that every yojana or policy produced by the ruling party has the name of the prime minister attached to it and therefore, this cannot be followed.
While anyone else would have easily followed the orders of the officials to save his job, Mr. Punya Prasun Bajpai proudly selected his ethics over such dirt of politics and replied with a resignation letter from the channel instead of breaching his principles of life.

Support or Revolt? The choice is yours.

  • The motive, here, is not to support Congress or any other political party and also not to degrade the BJP but rather is it solely to reveal the abruptness and fakeness of the Modi government.
  • A democracy is made of the people, by the people, and for the people. But, unfortunately, here it is being carried out with fake promises.
  • the political leaders only try to present themselves as an attractive product in front of the people without fulfilling their promises and standing by their words.

  • The country is going through and an unknowingly undeclared emergency under the rule of the Modi government. Everything you read or hear through newspapers, news channels or any other medium is all filtered to represent Mr. Modi in all clear.
  • Tidy personality and agendas for the welfare of the Indian public. Everything is made so positive and sophisticated, all in favor of the Modi government.

This is the reason why the Indian media has slowly and gradually turned out to become the Godi media, where everything is shown in support of the people while in reality the loopholes in the government system are being covered and indirectly being represented through those numerous policies which barely has any effect on the people, especially on those below the poverty line.
It is simply degrading the poor to become poorer, the rich don’t get affected and the major class of people being crushed in all this the middle-class section of the society.





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  1. Thank you for sharing truth, even though it is small try, but a big step towards seeing a Democratic India in comming days and act for unfacing the fake reporters and fake news channels.
    Nice work

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