About Ankit S. Maharishi

Who is Ankit S. Maharishi?

Ankit S. Maharishi is the founder of an establishing, developing and uniting the empire, namely, writers together. As the precede words and title of community itself suggest, he is an entreprenueur, who is a responsible team leader and someone who is extremely passionate about words. Other than that, he is also a financial advisor, an observer


Ankit was born surrounded by three elder sisters and thus, with lots of pampering, care and love falling on him like snow on the surface. Born in the peaceful and pink city of Jaipur, his father first whispered in his ears the name of Lord Shiva, who remained his spiritual motivation and guide throughout his life. 

He remained quite silent in school but believes it to be that noble palace which made him sincere and disciplined. He did his bachelors and masters in financial analysis and control, although quite unsure about whether it’s his interest or not. But now, he has grounded his understanding of financial factors and knows how to command money well.

Founding his passion for words and expression always, his hobby and heart is reigned by words, be it through writing or reading. He wished to create a platform for people like him, who wanted to write, not perfectly but imperfectly; not within the boundaries of linguistics, literature or grammar but with a desire of expression, passion and heart. He was able to do it, by founding his own empire, called “Writers Together”, in 2016. 

He started his journey as a young entrepreneur in year 2017 into his family business that was founded in 2002, And recently he has Started a new Manufacturing unit. i.e. Sunrise Rechargable LED bulbs. Working on spreading it to everywhere with the help of his team. cd

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